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Why Shop at Online Auctions?

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funky junk auctions online shopping
  1. Online auctions are a great solution to today’s problem with the ongoing Covid-19 concerns. By shopping online you let the auctions come to you, in the comfort and safety of your own home.
  2. Save time, gas, wear and tear on your vehicle, having to drive all over the countryside to find an auction only to be disappointed that they have nothing for you.
  3. Save money because you set the price you want to pay. Lots of times at Funky Junk Auctions items go for only a small fraction of what they are worth. This makes it a lot easier to balance the budget and still get everything you need.
  4. Fantastic selection, not only at Funky Junk Auctions but you can attend 3 or 4 different online auctions in one night, and you sure cannot do that with live auctions! Plus, sooner or later, that rare item you are searching for will eventually show up.
  5. No crowds! We don’t need any more explanation here.
  6. The very best reason of all….you can shop in your jammies, or even your birthday suit…can’t beat that kind of comfort!